Since 1927 Rottefella has challenged nature by inventing and developing technology that has made people enjoy the great outdoors. Now we take this knowledge and experience a step further. In great partnership with Rottefella we have developed an apparel collection, designed especially for staying comfortably warm, dry and visible while performing all outdoors activities, from skiing and mountaineering to hiking and running.

Various body parts react differently to outdoor temperatures and various levels of activity. We have analyzed the needs and demands of the anatomy and developed the concept of Thermal body mapping. Resulting in products that fulfill the requirements of the distinct parts of the body to increase comfort during activity. Products can be used in combination with each other to reach the ideal effect based on outdoor temperature, environment and activity pursuing. All layers work together to achieve the four goals of moisture management, heat regulation, insulation and weather protection during high activity. The purpose of the products is to keep you dry by pulling moisture away from your skin and spreading it throughout the fabric, while keeping you warm and comfortable.

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