Temporary personnel

For shorter or longer durations most companies experience a gap where key personnel is unavailable. We can fill roles such as category managers, design managers, designers, developers and project leaders. If required, we have the capacity to replace an entire development department.

Create a Brand

Brand perception by clients should reflect the identity of the minds in the firm, what they deliver and where they want to go. We work systematicallyto visualize this identity in the brand. The creation of the brand is important for client awareness and improves the visual voice of the company. We deliver logos, graphic designs and visual identities. We design templates and create standards for your marketing material and your product portfolio. We help to facilitate consistency, so that the identity and the brand is aligned.  

Sourcing and Allocation

We have a substantial network of garment factories and fabric- and trim suppliers. We can facilitate relations to relevant suppliers and help ensure your products are produced in line with expected costs and quality. If you have a network of reliable suppliers, we strive to integrate seamlessly with your processes and suppliers.


Based on analysis of your market, the competitive situation, trends and your business strategy, we work through several design phases to generate ideas for ideal products. We seek to combine functionality with technology and style, to further evolve the ideas into unique designs. 

Whether you want an entire collections or individual products, our designers can deliver all required types of design drawings. Drawings and specifications are delivered according to your requirements. At all stages we take into consideration volume, price and production adjustments. We are committed to delivering designs that improve your business.

Color Card

We can develop unique color stories for your collections. We deliver color palettes with directions of use for each color and instructions on how to combine colors. We typically use the industry standard; PantoneÒ, which is a widely recognized color managing system.

Fabric and Trim Development

Customized fabric and trim development differentiates your brand and supports brand identity, it is an area where “the devil is in the details”. We develop fabric and trim in cooperation with suppliers to give products a high-quality finish and distinctiveness. 

Product Development

Products come to life through the product development stage. By analyzing the designs, the best solutions for production become clearer. We supply complete Tech Packs, with all necessary information for a factory to produce the product, specifically; bill of materials with all color and component details, size specifications and detailed technical instructions for the manufacturer.


There are many ways to implement sustainability into a product. We can help you make conscious decisions and include social and environmental considerations into your process. To create a holistic strategy, we can guide you through different approaches of responsibility and align this to your brand values and mission.

Fit Session

Creating a good fit requires skill and an eye for details. Our designers and developers are highly experienced in conducting fit sessions in order to create a great fit for all types of garments. The difference between a good and a bad fit has a substantial impact of the success of sales and complaints.

Prototype Corrections

We organize the prototyping of your products and follow these up consistently, through fit-corrections and examining all details and functions of the garment, we ensure the product is according to standards.


Factory Visits

We conduct factory visits on demand. Often it is essential to be onsite to ensure proper hand over of initial design documents and during the prototype development. Factory visits improve communication and create a stronger relationship between client and supplier. This typically result in a smoother and more efficient prototyping processes. Onsite visits can be beneficial in bulk production or for Quality Control (QC) of finished bulk production before shipment. We also provide onsite reviews of working environment and physical conditions for quality assurance and transparency purposes.

Quality Control and Production Management

We can supervise products through to bulk production. We act as the link between the factory and various sub-contractors. To ensure products are manufactured according to specification we control pre-production samples and shipment samples. Inspection of finished goods can be performed upon request.