In 2021 we started Amokamok, a Scandinavian interior brand together with well-known Norwegian interior stylist, designer and photographer: Ann Christin Danielsen, Maria Hove Vestre and Anne Bråtveit. Together we developed our own web shop, brand identity and brand concept. Mint Design has established the framework for the product category; we have designed the visual profile, logos, products, prints and packaging. As an active owner we continue the development of new design for the future while managing the production, supply and shipping.

Amokamok is made up by the two words Amok and Koma, representing the contrasts in the creative universe we play in. In our first collection we experiment with prints and colors in high-quality organic bedding. To contribute to a positive change in the textile industry, we focus on high quality materials and timelessness. From our Scandinavian cultural heritage, the value of function, comfort and identity follows into our design choices. At Amokamok, we put our soul into the design process and aim to create versatile products that you will enjoy and benefit from for a long time. We want to offer you products that suit you and your life. Whether you want it minimalist or maximalist, calm or playful, Amok or Koma. We hope we can inspire you and challenge you to explore your personal style. 


Anne Bråtveit: Foto & Studio

Ann Christin Danielsen & Maria Hove Vestre: Instagram @made_by_veda

Foto cred: Anne Bråtveit & Magne Risnes